Tips for refusing to give part numbers to customer ( Customers will sometimes try to obtain part numbers from a dealer only to shop around somewhere else for a better price)

  • The easiest way to simple state "We don't give out part numbers; I'll gladly hold a quote for you for X days (ours is 30) in case you decide you want to order the parts from us." If they get insistent, explain to them that your time and effort has a value. Also explain to them that the the Internet place will NOT take returns, and that the shipping cost will eat up most, if not all of their 'discount', and that they also can't handle any warranty issues that may arise. source: Richard, DealersEdge Forum
  • Fee for service. Part look up fee based on the number search, refunded with purchase. source: The One, DealersEdge Forum
  • I explain that they should check with whoever they are ordering through because the part #'s may be different. Works well with someone going aftermarket.  If I know they are going Internet I just play dumb (not really to hard for me. source: The smalltownpartsguy, DealersEdge Forum
  • We don't even get into a discussion regarding the why's or why not's. My countermen simply say sure, here is the number you need ... and then they give out a quote number. This has worked for several years and the one or two that have kicked back are sent to me to handle whereupon I explain everything that has already been said here. source: Mike, DealersEdge Forum
  • I'd try something like "I'd be more than happy to assist you with locating the part you need,quoting you a price and making sure you receive the correct part for your vehicle." Then when they say "oh no, I'm ordering it from ABC on line" you respond with, "Then I'm sure ABC on line will assist you with placing your order. Thank you for calling and let us know if we can help you with your parts purchases in the future." source: texaslp, DealersEdge Forum
  • This attachment can be printed out to display at your counter(s).  Mike Nichols is gracious enough to use it as a handout at his seminars. source: scotstrong, DealersEdge Forum