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Accessory Selling Tips

Consider spiffing salespersons, service advisors and parts advisors on accessory sales.  James Brinkley - DealerInfoLink

Create a gift catalog with nice prizes. Issue points for accessories sold. Let the sales people exchange their points for prizes. Very time consuming to do it right but I have seen it work. Another alternative, pay them 10% of accessories sold. It seems to me all Gm's and Dp's want their parts manager to get their salespersons to sell more accessories. agamemnon - dealersedge forum

Here are a few steps you can take to sell more accessories.
1. Involve the owner, GM, GSM, F&I, Service Manager, New and Used SM, BDC or ISM by setting a projected goal with their buy in.
Then ask them to agree on a percent of that goal they think they can help with. 
2. Get with each manager afterwards and help them create ways to meet their agreed participation.  F&I can help by having a corner display at the time of closing they simply ask - Do you want fries with that.
3. Sell on-line.  Create a web site as mentioned but go a step further and involve a marketing company that can get your accessories in front of the buyers.
4. Beg, borrow, or steal a space on any advertising the dealership is doing in any media and all media.  Create a flyer and stuff into every out going envelope.
5. Use the e-mail database to send out broadcast e-mails to prospects and customers.
We advise this to dealerships through out the country and everyone of them have doubled, and tripled their sales. 
None of this is new. These suggestions will help move more parts, sell more service and (shocking news) sell more cars.
Mike Stinson

Accessory Checklist - good source of information from Chrysler Academy 

Build A Successful Accessory Sales Process - good article by David Stringer president of Insignia Group.  source: AIN Media Newsletter