Welcome to Our Expense Reduction Tips Page!
Utility Reduction Tips
  • Install motion/timer switches for lights in areas that are seldom used. *
  • Shut personal computers down completely at night. *
  • Encourage employees to dress warmer or lighter to adjust thermostat a few degrees. *
  • Use a waste oil heater to utilize waste oil from your service department. *
  • Consider recycling to minimize or eliminate thrash pickups. 
  • Install vinyl strips doors on overhead doors to reduce the amount of heated/cooled air loss *
  • Replace your regular incandescent light bulbs with low energy, fluorescent or, better yet, LED light bulbs.
DMS Tips
  • Shop for a less expensive DMS system or renegotiate with your current DMS provider.
  • Enlist a 3rd party vendor that specializes in finding DMS cost saving measures.
  • Consider purchasing rather than renting equipment such as printers which usually carry expensive monthly maintenance agreements.
  • Eliminate multiple equipment such as printers etc.
  • Consider going to a paperless system.
  • Reuse printer paper whenever possible such as using the both sides of the paper.
  • Check with a local print shop about creating notepads from the used paper.
  • Shred used printer paper for use as packing for shipments.
  • Reuse cardboard boxes by using them instead of plastic bags for customer parts orders.  Encourage employees to take boxes for moving, storage etc.
  • Make it policy that service customer old take off parts are given to the customer whenever possible instead of ending up in your dumpster.
  • Check with your local school system, sometimes school districts collect office paper as a way to raise money. *
  • Give your old computers as a tax write off to local organizations who might refurbish the computer, or you can give it to an organization that will safely recycle it.

* Source: Steven Brittain, Parts Manager, Contemporary Chrysler Dodge, Milford, NH