Welcome to Our Key Cutting Tips Page!
  • Be sure to charge your customer for key code look-ups along with a marked up price for the key.  Dealer polls show dealers charge from $5 to $25 for this service.  Dealers shouldn't feel guilty for this service charge.  Dealers have a huge investment in key cutting equipment and keys along with your employee's labor time.  Compared to the cost of a locksmith's charge which is typically $50 to $75, it is really a bargain.  Also when a service call is required, consider charging a fee for the service as well. 
  • Dealers should demand some proof of ownership when cutting keys for a customer.  A dealer could face legal fees if someone tries to impersonate themselves as the owner.  Keep a file of proof of ownership copies.
  • For Computerized Key Cut Machine problems you might want to try this, remove the cartridge, and if you look inside the cutting head, you'll see a silver colored tab that is suppose to move when you pull out the cartridge. when it moves, the machine is supposed to recalibrate. Unfortunatly, after a while it doesn't work like it should. push the tab toward the back of the head with your finger, and it should recalibrate. shutting the machine off and turning it on will do the same thing, but some of these machines stay on 24/7, and never get recalibrated. Otherwise it's usually a problem with the cartridge.  source: keyguy, dealersedge forum