Welcome to Our Parts Pre-Pull Tips Page!
  • We have a system in place here. It is very simple. ADP prints pre-workorders at 3:00. Our cutoff is 4:00, so any parts which need to be ordered can be ordered.  We pre-pull any parts we have in stock, and put them in a box labeled with the customer name. When the tech comes in for the part(s), they get billed to the actual RO, or, if the RO is written before the job is dispatched, the parts are billed to the RO to expedite the repair.  If the parts are already billed to an RO, they are put on a bin in the shop, on a shelf according to last number of RO (like warranty retention).  We also verify that any special orders to be installed are indeed in stock.  Lastly, we have decent communication between departments allowing us to pull up-sell parts, and deliver them to the tech in the stall. This eliminates the tech having to wait at the counter, and lets us pull parts at our convenience which smoothes everything out, and allows the tech to earn a few extra tenths per job. (it adds up in a week) We started doing this 3 years ago, and our tech's average an extra 2 hours per week more now than when we did not have this system.  The key to this system is communication. If everyone realizes they can make more money working smart rather than hard, it is an easy system to implement and maintain.  If your dealer allows you, actual RO's can be written before the customer comes in, allowing all parts to be charged out. At the end of the day, any parts in still on the tech shelf are returned to parts, and the repair order voided.  One more thing.....our system does NOT diagnose. We only pull maintenance, recall and special order parts.   Source: Dennis Dow, Altavista Motors, Altavista, VA
  • We have a short meeting every afternoon with parts manager to go over parts that are here, review next day schedule to make sure we have recall parts here and SOP's.  It works quite well.  Communication is key....  source: Amanda Marsh, Hertrich Ford of Pocomoke, Pocomoke City, MD