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A good article about using different pricing stratigies such as matrix pricing by Jim Jackson of Focus Training (www.learnstuffnow.com) titled "Net Profit Pricing and Matrix Strategies"

I use straight MSRP for wholesale/retail counter but I came up with a "Negative Matrix" in our service dept. Every part over $50 is discounted, on a sliding scale, all the way to 20%. We beat every other dealer on price, make inroads against the aftermarket, treat every customer the same, on and on. Service stopped giving parts discounts randomly, stopped bugging me to "fix a price" or "bail them out." My countermen quote the retail and our discount on repair orders, then the service advisors have a good tool to use. My intentions were to help steer business to our service dep't. Now when we quote a mirror for $450, "but if you install it in our shop we'll discount it to $360, labor of $88, it's like free installation! Let me introduce you to a service advisor..."
Source: DealersEdge forum Matrix vs. MSRP reply by possum (gm parts manager)