Welcome to R134A Tracking Tips Page!
The following are tips for controlling R134A usage
  • Use 12 ounce cans
  • If using 30 lb. cylinder, add to parts inventory by pounds or ounces.  Hand the cylinder out to service.  Parts dept. bills out per job with amount provided by tech or service advisor.  When a new cylinder is needed, a check of inventory is conducted and shortages are billed to service department. Gerard Caron - Muzi Motors
  • R134A Machine controlled by Parts Dept.  Our machine has a scale built in. When the machine leaves we write down the weight and the R/O when it returns we weigh it again and bill the difference. What ever is lost when the machine is filled and if any is lost while the machine sits is billed to service. Javier Vera - Rapids FLM
  • Anytime there is a A/C repair we bill out a full charge. If no refrigerant is used then we take it off. If there is need for a charge then its already there. Too much was being left to the tech to "let parts know" when they used it. They would "forget" and service would be charged for it. No problems since. Sean Flory
  • We also bill out a part # of "FREON-NOT-BILLED" on the RO in the amount of $99999.99. When the tech tells us the correct amount used we delete it from the ro and charge the actual amount. Believe me, service will not close an RO without fixing that! Roy Davis - Hometown Ford
  • 30 lb. cylinder charged to service at wholesale price.  Tech records amount of usage on R.O. and service advisor charges out amount on GOG at retail price. James Brinkley - Jim Hayes Inc.
  • Have a "Dial A Charge" calibrated cylinder for both R12 and R134 that are kept in parts department. Tech requests amount of freon needed, parts man fills up the cylinder from a 30 pound can, then hands out to tech. Just like any other part! Richard Hastings - Don Chalmers Ford