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  • No parts are to be ordered for service department unless an appointment is made for the customers return visit.

  • Every non-warranty part is paid for in advance unless the car is down in the shop.   This includes parts retail counter sales.  Wholesale parts counter customers that have open billing may need to be handled differently.  Wholesale customers that abuse special orders may need to be put on pay in advance status.

  • Every customer, including internal customers must be informed that once an order is placed, it cannot be reversed.  Follow your guidelines regarding special order part returns.  Some dealers require no return charge for special order returns, while others charge a fee for returning or stocking parts.

  • All special order parts through the service department should require the approval of a service advisor or manager.

  • Here, before an special order can be ordered, the customer MUST prepay for the part ( customer pay), or the customer must have a set appointment for the repair (warranty) BEFORE the part is ordered. Also, service is notified everyday of special order parts arrivals. All notification is given to the service manager, and he follows up with the advisor. There is also a "wall of shame" board in the parts dept which lists all parts which have arrived but have not been installed, including the arrival date. Lets just say the dealer principal likes this idea......it has also significantly increased the special order fill rate since nobody wants to explain why the parts have not been put on.  source: Dennis Dow, Altavista Motors FMCDealer.com forum

  • I give the S/As a list of all their S/Os every day. I print a list of all that are over 1 week old that I go over every day and e-mail (in house R&R) the S/A asking them status everyday until I get an answer(ie. "coming in on Tuesday etc.) If I don't get an answer nearing 3 weeks, I do a 45 day claim and I make what I consider the "hammer call" where I tell the customer that I will be sending the part back. Most of the time I leave a message. This usually gets results. If not, the part goes back and the customer will have to leave the car or a deposit to get it ordered again. They call me the Parts Nazi (remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfield?) "NO PARTS FOR YOU! GET OUT!"  source: Robb Hessler Don Gasgarth's Charlotte Count FMCDealer.com forum