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Warranty Parts Tips

  • Use a 11 bin system to hold warranty parts until instructed to return or scrap.  Label ten bins 0 through 9.  The remaining bin is used to hold parts that are to be returned to warranty parts return center.  When warranty parts are turned by technician, record the repair order on the part package, date stamp the package and date stamp the repair order as well to verify the parts were returned.  The date stamp on the part itself helps to determine parts that need to be scrapped when purging parts.  If the warranty parts holding area is in a different area, use a temporary holding bin and transfer to the warranty bins on a consistent basis.  We use a rolling utility cart as the temporary holding area near the shop parts counter.  When the cart is full, simply roll the cart to the holding area and file each part by the last digit of repair order number.  Print warranty parts disposition reports on a daily basis and transfer parts to be returned to the parts to be returned bin and scrap the parts that have been approved to scrap immediately to free up space.  Return parts before time limit.  File the parts disposition sheets.  Parts that don't show up on the disposition sheet can be purged by date.  We determined that 60 days was a sufficient timeframe for claim payment. by: James Brinkley  DealerInfoLink